There’s something wrong with my life again.Problem alway come back and forth.Although,i’ve been careless,it come to bust me in depressed jail!..that’s funny.This time is danm hard time of my life……anyway,I have to fight it back ,as usual.
Before,i thought,my life must be peaceful here,because,i got back my familly,and i also work with familly…it’s familly’s business…it sound so stable right? but ,actualy ,not…nobody stable here,as long as,you have to rent or least somebody’s property to do business..we can’t tell when they don’t wanna see your face no more,and kick you out….great!! fucking landlord
5 year in America told me how selfish American people are,and what trick,they do.If they don’t want you anymore,they don’t pity you either.It’s just like this situlation,i am..I think..I’m good tenant…I alway pay rent on time…and I alway cooperate everything ,they want…anyway..They never think of it..’Bangkok ocha thai cusine ‘ is such a small fish.
What’s next? I don’t know..we could reinvest or give up…if they can’t affrod for reinvestment…I have to look for new job.Hopefuly…i will be that lucky
fucking life
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2 Responses to Depressed!!!

  1. Ms. Kay says:

    don\’t say like that. i mean " fucking life" but " this is life". i think a time for test
    fighting….. fighting… can ! < i trust in you > and some day " lucky in your life"

  2. จันทร์กระจ่างฟ้า says:

    เฮีย สู้ ๆ นะ

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